Welcome To Fertility Truth!

Welcome To Fertility Truth! If you want to know the truth about fertility, infertility, miscarriage, pregnancy then you have come to the best site on the internet. Everything here is backed up by scientific research and up to date data on these issues.

This site is run my me, Angela Andrews. And I’ve had a miscarriage at 14 weeks gestation. I had a complete spontaneous abortion, which, in medical terms means you give birth to a dead fetus. After this very traumatic event I experienced many different emotions, grief being the main one. After the hospital did the genetic test on my baby to see whether he had genetic malformations, the test was negative (yes he was a ‘he’). So what killed my baby? No one knew, no one cared, no one could be bothered investigating. So after the post- pregnancy complacency of my medical and natural care providers became loudly apparent to me I was on a mission to find out what killed my baby.

Now, after months of research I believe I have found the answer; my body was toxic. When your body is toxic your organs cannot function properly and things cannot proceed as normal. I believe my body could not support Jimmy’s life because of low function in key areas of my body designed to maintain and develop pregnancy.

This is just me. I’m not saying if you’ve had a miscarriage this is the same for you. But if you’ve experienced any fertility issues please don’t put up with “Its not Gods will”, “it was just meant to be” or any of that other uninformed crap. There’s science behind everything. Get the truth before you make any executive decision about your fertility so you are educated. Then you can and make intelligent, informed decisions about your fertility based on fact, scientific data and truth. Behind every smart move is a comprehensive understanding of the truth. I’m very passionate about educating people about the real truth about fertility. You see educating initiates change, which is a great thing. And this process canbe done over the internet, which is a dynamic tool for information. We need the right education too. Everything on this site is backed up by professionals and experts. And its all unbiased. There is neither one preference over the other, its all just information. This is such an essentialthing considering millions of people are infertile and 50% of pregnancies miscarries. Can you beleive the numbers are so bad? I’ve only just put this blog up so please bear with me if you click on links and there is nothing there. I will be getting information on that topic over the next week. Don’t forget the RSS feed if you would like updates on this blog. Also check out our resident author Sally Aubrey. She is an excellent resource of information and does extensive research. She’s brilliant. 

Fertility Truth

So lets get the facts. On this website you’ll find all kinds of information to help you become fertile, fall pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy and happy, healthy baby. This is what you are going to find topics on: Fertility, fertility calculator, fertility drugs, fertility calendar, fertility monitors, taking charge of your fertility, fertility pills, fertility treatments, how to get pregnant, the fastest way to get pregnant naturally, tips on getting pregnant, when the best time to get pregnant is, the Infertility Diet to get pregnant and prevent miscarriage, signs of early miscarriage, symptoms of miscarriage, pregnancy after miscarriage, healing after miscarriage- ways to get your life back on track and so much more!

Taking Charge Of Your Fertility

Nowadays we have options about taking charge of your fertility. You can go down the medical track or you can go down the natural healing track. Click here to find out which one’s more effective, which works and the statistics….

Infertility And Toxicity

Taken from An Article on ScienceWeek. Its very interesting…”During the past 50 years, the rapid expansion of the chemicals industry in both the developed and developing worlds has resulted in the release of a plethora of xenobiotics (molecules foreign to biological systems) into the environment[1,2]. These alien molecules have worked their way into our lives in a variety of forms, including pesticides, herbicides, cosmetics, preservatives, cleaning materials, municipal and private waste, pharmaceuticals, and industrial by-products. Awareness of the biological risks of chemical toxicity has increased considerably in recent years, but some of these chemicals have long half-lives and have been detected in environmental samples 10-20 years after they were banned for sale or use.“…Coming soon


Article by Sharon Kader R.N., B.A., M.A. (C)O.A.C.C.P.P

Miscarriage is a cruel twist of fate. The reality of death before birth is an affront to our beliefs and expectations regarding the cycle of life. For those who have not had the personal experience of miscarriage it is all too often misunderstood by family, friends and society in general. People tend to minimize its personal significance and emotional relevance to the woman or couple going through this experience...Coming soon….

Causes Of Infertility In Men

In a 2001 study, the causes of infertility in men seeking to conceive were the following..”. Read more on what the University Of Maryland’s has to say…Coming soon

What Is Assisted Reproductive Technology? And How Does It Help Us To Become Fertile?

“ART is a term that describes several different methods used to help infertile couples. ART involves removing eggs from a woman’s body, mixing them with sperm in the laboratory and putting the embryos back into a woman’s body.“… Coming soon

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  2. For info on state laws and rights to bury a baby before 20-22 weeks see this site: http://www.adamssong.net. You can take action in your state by contacting your state representative or governor about writing a bill for parental rights to burial in the case of miscarriage.

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  5. Excellent site
    Information is very welcome indeed.

    Sometimes fertility treatment doesn’t work and you may need time to recover physically and emotionally before thinking about trying again. After the physical stress of treatment and the build-up of hopes, it can be devastating if your treatment doesn’t work. Almost everyone that has experience in the fertility field agrees that it takes time to recover from failed fertility attempts and it is worth waiting for a few months before trying again.

    You may want to talk to your specialist about whether to try again – using the same or a different method – and whether there is anything you can do to boost your chances of conception.

    If you have miscarried, remember that, just as in any pregnancy, many embryos are lost early on. Under normal circumstances you may just think you were experiencing a late period as opposed to a miscarriage

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  9. Thanks for your opinions on improving fertility. There is a lot of information out there infertility ebooks which can be confusing.
    Couples need impartial advice to quickly access the best product for their circumstances.

  10. My husband and I have been trying for about 18 months now and we still have no baby. I don’t want to do IVF or anything like that. I’d like to stay natural if I can.

    Does anyone one know how you can increase your fertility or chances of conceiving?

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